AK-05 Kitchen features

Our AK_05 TailorMade range is a modular kitchen system full of features which can be integrated in any way you need to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Having just been updated, take a look at some of the new fantastic features that go together to create this modern kitchen range.


Elegant kitchen work bench

"Majestic" counter

This beautiful kitchen counter has 30° sloped edges to add style and elegance to any modern kitchen. Options with an overhang or single leg are available.


Seamless kitchen sink

Single piece kitchen sink

This sleek kitchen sink is seamless, made from a single piece of your chosen finish. There are a variety of finishes and options available including integrating your hob.


Tall kitchen units

Tall kitchen units

The addition of these tall units to any kitchen can't fail to impress. Options with pocket doors make life increase your working surfaces and provide a sleek, clean look when closed.


Kitchen sideboard

KONTENA sideboard

The addition of sideboard elements with integrated asymmetric doors can be positioned across all your living areas. With a variety of sizes and horizontal or vertical structures, these elements are great addition to the AK_05 TailorMade range.


Integrated storage for kitchen accessories

Integrated storage for kitchen accessories

These specially designed pull-outs for your kitchen accessories make the most of the space created by using standard size electrical appliances on 75-cm maxi tall units. Offering an area for hot drink preparation and wine storage the vertical areas can house your cutting boards and tray.


Modern kitchen pantry cupboard

Corner pantry cupboard

This large pantry style corner cupboard can be configured with a large variety of internal layouts to enable not just storage but also food preparation.


Internal kitchen storage options

Internal storage options

The new INSIDE storage unit, concealed behind the base units, allows a variety of possible internal layouts. The front door opens vertically in a downward direction. The upper INSIDE-UP wall unit is fitted with the same mechanism, but with an upward sliding opening system.


Kitchen bookcase

VERTICAL bookcase

The VERTICAL bookshelf with an aluminium pole structure features alternating shelves, storage trays and wall-mounted base units. Available in a variety of finishes, this is a sophisticated addition to any kitchen.


Kitchen sink options

MIZU sink & KASAI hob

New collection of MIZU sinks and KASAI induction hobs are characterised by a 4-cm high frame in satin-finished steel. With certain materials, the sinks can be personalised with covers in the same material as the worktop.


Covered up kitchen handles

COVER-UP handles

A covered up opening system with extruded aluminium can be designed into your kitchen, adding to the sleek, modern look


Kitchen breakfast bar

Breakfast bar

A breakfast bar with an overhang is available in multiple finishes and sizes. A solid metal supporting can be added can allow you to adjust the slope of the snack bar.


Kitchen dust bin rack

Dust bin rack

Keep your waste hidden away with the multiple options available for sorting and storing whilst keeping your household cleaning products handy too.



To find out more about this modern kitchen range visit our Plymouth kitchen showroom where you can talk to our experts, alternatively give us a call on 01752 787131.

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