AK_05 Kitchen features

Our AK_05 range is a modular kitchen system full of features which can be integrated in any way you need to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Learn more about some of the fanastic features that go together to create this modern kitchen range.


360 cut kitchen doors

30° cut door 

AK_05 doors are available with 30° sloped edges. This, combined with the flat groove and similarly finished plinth, ensures consistent finish and an elegant visual impact


Kitchen living system

Living system

The modules of this range allow a dynamic and consistent living space design.

You can create living solutions that continue the style and finish of the kitchen creating a visual link between the different interiors, accentuating uniformity and simplicity of style.

The possibility of installing a wall-mounted table represents yet another way of exploiting the available space in the home, relying on the range of finishes and colours compatible with the different accessories.


Hidden kitchen sink

Hidden sink

The satin-finish steel top allows the integration of a welded sink, guaranteeing a result beyond compare. The integration of sinks with covers means that during periods of non-use, the tap and cover can be easily lowered, optimising available worktop space and ensuring a sleelk linear surfac


Straight edge kitchen door

Straight edge door

The ability to integrate a curved groove into the body of the bases and tall units eliminates the use of a handle, giving the doors simplicity and linearity.

Adding unusual colour combinations to the groove and plinth profiles gives you infinite options to personalise.


Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

The selection of special lights that can be incorporated into the kitchen system allows internal housing and workspaces to be lit. In addition to their high visual impact, these accessories also improve the utility of spaces and can be added with dimming and variable intensity.


Kitchen open wall unit

Open unit

This option allows the side panels of bases and tall units to be personalised, making the lateral surface at the end of the composition usable.

These elements are composed of a painted metal structure characterised by minimal thickness, enhancing their visual impact.


Kitchen door handle

Kitchen handle

The handle option of the AK_05 kitchen range is a patented modular handle. Painted in the same colour as the door and featuring a 45° slope, the handle also allows the inside of the compartment to be completely cleaned thanks to the disappearing hook, which conceals the screws.


Kitchen bench with glass leg

Kitchen bench top with glass leg

The snack bench with overhang, finished in wood, appears suspended in the air thanks to the use of a clear glass sheet.

A special disappearing system ensures the rigidity and safety of the glass, while its flexible dimensions allows it to be modified for different situations.


Extendable table

Extendable kitchen table

The extendable work area within this the tall unit creates an innovative and well-equipped space for food preparation. In just a few seconds, the worktop can be enlarged thanks to a special pull-out system. The cleanliness and minimalist style of the entire solution are never compromised, thanks to the simple closure of the doors, hiding the work area.


Kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen storage solutions

The storage capacity is enhanced and organized vertically thanks to the internal accessories available for larder units.

There is a wide range of storage options to cater to user needs, personalising the kitchen space and making it highly practical, not to mention elegant and sophisticated to look at.

The use of special pull-out systems in the corner bases and tall units, allows better organisation of internal spaces.


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