Arrital Kitchens are now AEG Premier Partners

Arrital Kitchens are now AEG Premier Partners

Knowledge, Experience & Peace of Mind

Choosing the right appliances to complement your new kitchen is just as important as providing a wonderful kitchen design. Ensuring your new appliances suit the way you’ll cook and use your kitchen means you can continue to get great pleasure from your kitchen long after the dust has settled on its new installation!

We’ll show you what AEG appliances will really do for you

As an AEG Premier Partner, we won’t only show you what the latest in cooking technology looks like in your kitchen, we’ll also demonstrate how it will work for you as well. Our showroom contains a range of working appliances and our team receive regular training and updates on the latest technology.

But the real skill lies in trying to keep it simple rather than bamboozle you with science so we’ll explain the difference between pyrolytic and catalytic cleaning; show you how a steam oven can help you cook like a pro, as well as answering simple questions like “will I be able to fit a 24lb turkey in that oven?”

We have a specially selected product range to suit your specification and budget

As an AEG Premier Partner we have access to a selected range of products that have been specifically chosen for kitchen studios – with a balance of styles and features to suit all specifications and budgets.


** Exclusive 5 Year Warranty Cover**

Not only is our range of appliances competitively priced, you will benefit from the peace of mind offered by a 5-year warranty across the AEG Premier Partner Range.

We’ll even register them on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about a thing.e’ll even register them on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Exclusive Events, Offers & Rewards

Working in partnership with AEG we have access to both national and local events, and regularly host in-showroom cooking demonstrations featuring local chefs.

Likewise, we regularly have special offers in place to help you work with your new equipment, such as discounts on induction, steam and other leading technology.

If you want to know more about how Arrital Kitchens can help you with your AEG appliance purchase get in touch today on 01752 787131.

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