Kitchen Handles

Our Ak_Project range has numerous solutions to personalise your kitchen doors. 

Take a look at the variety of kitchen handles we have - there's a style to suit every taste and every space.


Straight edge kitchen doors

Straight edge kitchen doors

These straight edge doors are combined with a curved groove to ensure a firm grip for this handleless door option.

The straight edge offers a completely smooth surface with absolute linearity.



step handle kitchen doors

"Step" handle kitchen doors

Step handle doors give a kitchen a light, smooth and sleek finished.

The aluminium profile make it much easier to open the door and gives clean edges.



30° cut kitchen doors

30° sloped edge kitchen doors

These doors edges have a gentle 30° slope combined with a flat groove which gives a great visual impact.

An embellished aluminium profile allows for a secure grip when using this handleless option.



Recessed kitchen handles

Recessed handles

Modular built-in in handles on these doors are made with an exclusive structure designed by Arrital.

The inserts of the handle use the same finish as the door making a great visual impact.



External kitchen door handle

Modular Handle

External rod kitchen door handle

Rod Handle

External Handles

Another modular handle this time on a matching door characterised by a patented hideaway fixing system. 

Alternatively, a rod handle with a steel finish gives an entirely different yet still modern & practical look.

If you'd like to chat through your options please talk to our experts on 01752 787131. Alternatively, pop into our kitchen showroom where you can the see various options we have on show.

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